Paraphrase Examples

Here is a list of 50 paraphrase examples... more

Increase Vocabulary

There are an abundance of ways to improve vocabulary. The evolution and growth of vocabulary can take some initiative and effort but normally is a very natural and easy process... more

Complex Sentence Examples

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A person's vocabulary is the collection of words they are most familiar with and also choose to use in speech and in writing. There are many different types of vocabularies. Writing, listening, speaking and reading are of the key types that people make use of everyday. Each type are all significant to the structure of vocabulary as a whole... more

Vocabulary Activities

Vocabulary activities are activities that involve the use of vocabulary. Word activities can come in many different forms. Lessons, competitions, word games challenges, spelling bees, tests, matching pictures with words, freestyling just to name a few. Partaking in many different vocabulary activities is a great, interesting and fun way for people to augment the overall level of their vocabulary... more

English Vocabulary

English vocabulary has limitless potential for uniqueness and growth. Due to the english language being so vast in phrases and words, the overall potential amount of english words is enormous. Since people create new english words everyday, the size of english vocabulary is infinite... more

English 101

The english language is the most utilized and dominant language on earth. Due to its extreme importance in entertainment, technology, radio, science, communication and business, the english language is more learned and taught than any other language... more

Learn English Vocabulary

Effective ways to learn english is by reading basic word lists, dictionaries and thesauruses. While there are an abundance of ways to learn the english language, vocabulary word lists, thesauruses and dictionaries are the most resourceful in terms of consisting of and exhibiting words and information related to those words for english vocabulary as a whole... more

Educational Tools

Educational tools are resources that aid with educating. Educational tools are usually utilized by educational facilities and anyone who is attempting to learn something more often than not makes use of one or many educational tools to alleviate their learning experience... more

Creative Writing

Creative writing is the art of writing creatively. Creative writing plays a highly vital role in professional writing, especially for writers who write poetry, fictional stories, lyrics for music and innovative content for blogs and articles... more

Creative Writing Prompts

Creative writing prompts are short messages designed to prompt writers for writing creatively. After reading one or multiple creative writing prompts, a writer usually would then try to write something creatively related to the creative writing prompt that they read... more

Vocabulary Lists

Vocabulary lists are groups of words that are all related to one specific word or term. Word lists are effective for building vocabulary, teaching and learning the basic and main terminology of a particular subject... more